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Safer Baby Bottles. Born Free makes glass bottles, which are safe for babies. Born Free also makes plastic bottles that are free of BPA, phthalates, and PVC. A husband and wife team started Green to Grow after facing toxic concerns with their own new baby. The company makes bottles from a BPA-free resin called polyethersulfone (PES. A single glass baby bottle can run anywhere from $3 if bought as part of a pack to $15 for a single bottle. Silicone. Silicone bottles start at around $10 and go up to around $15 a piece. Disposable. Disposable bottles often come in a six-pack for around $10, but some specially designed options can cost as much as $5 per bottle. Nipples. Safe Baby Bottle Cheat Sheet 1. Avoid Plastic Baby Bottles (including "BPA-free" ones!) Plastic bottles are temptingthey are 2. Choose Glass or Stainless Steel Baby Bottles. The safest baby bottle material is probably glass. 3. Silicone Baby Bottles Are Okay. Silicone baby bottles are better. Itari Baby Bottle Labels, Name Label for Kid, Self-Laminating Labels for Daycare, Waterproof, Dishwasher Safe, Adorable Design,128Labels 4.4 out of 5 stars 68 $8.89 $ 8 . 89. Playtex Drop-Ins System. To use, just place the liner in the bottle, fill it up, screw on the nipple, and squeeze the bottom of the liner to push out excess air. What we love Since you toss the liner after each feeding, there's no need to sterilize bottles. And the bottle part is dishwasher safe. Sterilizing baby bottles is a necessary step beyond traditional cleaning to safeguard your child from germs. It aims at killing bacteria and other disease-carrying agents in the bottle through the use of chemicals and high temperature. There was a time when the need for sterilizing your babys bottle was far more pressing than it is today.

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