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Our Bad Back Baby Carrier Picks . LilleBaby Complete Wide well padded straps and a lumbar support included Ergobaby 360 A wide snug-fitting velcro waistband (like a weightlifters belt) is great for back pain sufferers BabySteps Hip Seat A hip style seat is great for some types of injury. 10 Best Baby Carriers for Bad Back (2018) Buyers Guide and Unbiased Reviews Your Childs Age. The age of your child can make a difference in the type of baby carrier you need. Who is Using The Carrier. The type of baby carrier that best suits you may be different than Your Physical Condition. You wont find any other baby carriers that offer good back support as these 10. So without further ado, lets check out the best baby carriers for bad backs. Best Baby Carrier for Back Support (Our Top 10 Picks) 1.LLLbaby Airflow Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier. Best Soft Structured Baby Carrier. The Baby Tula cotton canvas baby carrier has a huge devoted mom following for good reason. This best baby carrier has a wide waistband so it feels secure on your body, a large fabric panel that keeps baby comfortably facing you (or riding on your back) and a ton of stylish patterns. If you want the fast answer for our personal recommendation for the best baby carrier for a bad back, we like the Boba 4G. As much as you would want to carry your baby using a carrier, it might be hectic especially if you have a bad back. Hands down, one of the best baby carriers for a bad back is the Ergobaby Bundle Carrier. It has nice, wide padded shoulder straps and sports a comfortably padded belt. The straps and belt both adjust for an ideal fit and create an M design to hold your baby. Best Forward Facing Baby Carrier While forward-facing carriers dont give your baby as much time where they're focused on you, children love facing the same way you do. Some forward-facing styles are harder on your back because they dont have hip belts. Best Baby Carrier for Bad Backs My Back is Killing Me. Baby-wearing is a proven benefit to the health and well being The Best Baby Carrier Boba Baby Carrier. A Few Baby Wearing Tips for Those with High Back Pain. Baby Bjorn. What Types of Carriers to Avoid. It's best to avoid baby carriers. 5 Of The Best Baby Carriers & Slings For Moms With Back Pain 1 Ergo Baby Bundle Of Joy Carrier. 2 Boba Baby Carrier Or Wrap. 3 Moby Wrap. 4 NimNik Baby Sling Hipseat Carrier. 5 Ergonomic Mother Nest Baby Carrier. Best Baby Carriers for a bad back NimNik Baby Sling Carrier Ergonomics Lightweight Hipseat This soft structure carrier from NimNik offers advanced lumbar support through a wide cushioned waistband.

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