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By News Desk on May 29, 2018 To see photos of all the baby foods subject to this recall, please click on the image. Canadian officials are urging consumers to check their homes for organic baby. 95% of baby foods tested contain toxic metals that could lower babies' IQ, study finds saying "providing consumers the safest and cleanest foods is the top priority of every organic farmer and. The recalled baby food was sold in 128ml packages. The recalled Love Child flavors include Vegetarian Chili with Sweet Potato + Kale, Veggie Casserole with Lentils + Quinoa, Ratatouille with Lentils + White Beans, Pumpkin Risotto with Spinach + Chickpeas, Mango Chicken Stew with Spinach + Quinoa. PC Organics flavours recalled Parsnip strained baby food. Carrots strained baby food. Peas strained baby food. Sweet Potatoes strained baby food. Vegetables & Turkey strained baby food. Fruity Chicken strained baby food. Spaghetti Bolognese strained baby food. Vegetable & Lentil strained. Current Baby Food and Formula Recalls Report On Lead in Baby Food. Lactalis Formula Recall. H-E-B Baby Food Recall. CVS Homeopathic Products. Sammy's Milk Baby Formula. Gerber Organic 2nd Foods Pouches. GoGo Squeez Applesauce Pouches. Beech-Nut Baby Food. Plum Organics World Baby Food. The recall affects 16 flavours of organic baby food pouches, which are sold under the Love Child and PC Organics brands. (Canadian Food Inspection Agency. After an FSIS recall is completed, it will be removed from this listing, but will be included in the Recall Case Archive. *Information on recalled foods other than meat (including fish of the order Siluriformes), poultry, or processed egg products is available from the Food and Drug Administration website or from Related Information. Gerber says it is voluntarily recalling pouches of two organic baby foods because a packaging defect may make them susceptible to spoilage during transport and handling. First came the Ritz cracker recall.Now, theres another warning parents need to heed, and this one involves baby food. Tests by Consumer Reports revealed worrisome levels of heavy metals. After the analysis, the Consumer Reports scientists conclude that 15 of the foods would pose ''potential health risks" if a child ate one serving or less every day. Snacks and products with rice or sweet potatoes were more likely than other foods to have high levels of the heavy metals.

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