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So I thought it would be fun today to share 40+ DIY Baby Shower Gift Ideas with you. All of these ideas are a fantastic way to give the Mom-to-Be something special that tells her how much you care. Almost all these gifts can be customized in some way to either match the theme of a nursery, or a favorite color, etc…so many possibilities. That and the color of the vase are about all you have to decide to make this quick and easy DIY gift for baby. Makes a super, quick last minute gift idea for baby showers. 2. The new mom is sure to need -- and receive -- her share of practical gifts and gear for the little one. But handmade baby-shower gifts such as felted-wool stuffed animals, artistic baby blocks, mobiles, simple clothing, and booties are sweet, unique ways to welcome the new arrival. If you are looking for a personal touch for a baby shower gift, here are some ideas for the main feature or a little something on the side. All the options are easy and creative things to put. Baby gifts ideas are best when they are both practical and sentimental, but also personal. Give them the gift of thoughtfulness when you are looking for the best baby gift, regardless of the occasion. Handmade Baby Gifts . Choose a slide The Best Baby Shower Ideas The Best Baby Shower Themes . Tie everything together—the invitations, decor, and menu—with our planners. A Buzz-Worthy Bumblebee Baby Shower (And One Mom's Miraculous Story) Little baby Richie made a big buzz long before the baby shower. DIY 29 Easy And Adorable Things To Make For Babies. Don't let their age and inability to talk fool you babies are Very Discerning. These DIYs make awesome, unexpected baby shower gifts. UncommonGoods is your baby shopping nanny, with an amazing array of baby gift ideas. Whether you're shopping for baby shower gifts, those first birthday gifts, gifts for boys, or gifts for girls, we have gifts for every baby on your list- cuddly toys, engaging games, sweet accessories, and mealtime fun. 101 Handmade Baby Gift Tutorials By Kim Layton 20 Comments Creating handmade gifts for babies is the sweetest way to welcome those new little ones into the world. These Ideas are really amazing….it includes practical gifts and impractical gifts…I am surely gonna make that craft with socks as those are so cute…and would go for some more tutorials from above.

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