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Hi, Im Chelsea from Magic Beans, and I want to talk to you about bouncers. There are two different types of bouncers in the world. There are the overstimulating bouncers, and then there are the natural movement bouncers. We find bouncers to be very essential. We carry the natural moving bouncers. We have two here. Review NUNA LEAF CURV. The Nuna Leaf has a single swaying, side-to-side motion, imitating the motion of a leaf falling from a tree. Aesthetics aside, the Nuna Sena Leaf Curv is a lounger that puts you in control of the speed and length of time and since its not constantly moving, your baby wont grow dependent on the same kind of move in order to fall asleep each and every time. Go with whichever baby lounger will work best for your family. The LEAF curv gives a sharp, sassy and swirl-like spin to this award winning design and is sure to throw a contemporary curve ball to traditional nurseries and living spaces alike. Nuna Leaf Grow vs Curv Adjustability Both these seat models were created to accommodate babies from birth and all the way up to 130 pounds . Still, the Grow version, as you can guess, was designed in such a way that you can adjust it alongside the infant. Nuna Leaf Curv (Nuna) Pros This baby chair is absolutely beautiful. It doesn't use batteries but has a nice gentle motion that lasts over two minutes with a gentle push. I have found that with just a little hand movement or leg kick my baby makes the movement continue, which is nice. Nuna Leaf Curv vs. Nuna Leaf Grow Price. With its additional features, the Nuna Leaf Grow costs $60 more than the Leaf Curv. The Leaf Grow also includes a toy bar, which is sold separately for the Leaf Curv. The Leaf Curv is 15 percent off at Strolleria while supplies last. FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $99 | Nuna is filling orders and delivering shipments as usual. Visit our Shipping page for more information. Shipping specifics. The Nuna Leaf Curv is designed to be an innovative alternative to a typical gaudy and intrusive baby swing. It is meant to seamlessly blend in with a modern family's home, which it does quite well, however, its soothing ability is not on par with that of its competitors.

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