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Make Your Own Baby Sling. Carrying your baby, or babywearing, not only helps you and your baby stay close but makes your life so much easier since you can move around hands free. With some basic sewing skills (or even no sewing at all) you can make your own baby sling, a DIY baby carrier. Place the baby into the Moby wrap. Once the Moby wrap is secured around your body, you can place your baby into it. The most popular position is the cradle hold Start by holding the baby upright on the shoulder opposite the first panel of fabric (the shoulder panel closest to the body. Budget Baby Wearing- Homemade Carriers, Extremely Frugal Baby Carriers. Baby wearing is something that I think all mothers should know how to do, as it often means that you can do without an expensive stroller if you have a good carrier, or at the very least, baby wearing allows you to be more productive at home and in general. Put each loop on like a beauty sash, step into the belly band or third loop and leave it around your hips. Grab your baby! Sit baby in the cross and spread each band high and wide, ensuring knee. Thats it! Just remember to tie your wrap tight enough that your babys head sits high on your chest. You should be able to kiss the top of their head) Remember to tag me if you make your own baby wrap carrier, Id love to see. By Philip Morrison. As many hip parents know, baby slings have become an increasingly popular mode of transporting your infant or toddler around from A-list celebrities spotted wearing a designer Baby Bjorn with baby in tow, to everyday moms and dads on the go who choose to use a variety of baby slings and carriers, the baby carrier is the way to carry your little one in style. Prepare the sling for the baby. To wear your sling, feed the short edge through both rings, coming up from the wrong side of the fabric, and then thread the end back through the bottom ring only. The sling will be worn around the body and over one shoulder, with the rings at the shoulder, forming a pocket for the baby. Most babies find baby wraps to be extremely comforting too as it mimics the motions they felt while they were inside your body. So, it may help your baby cry less too! And, babies that are worn in carriers are also known to regulate their heart rate and temperature better (source. Directions. Now you have a wrap that you can make many baby- or toddler wearing memories with! If youd like to make your carrier really customized and special, consider placing a painting or stencil in the exact center of the wrap. Below is a guitar stencil I added to my musician friends wrap. If this sling or carrier is not worn properly, injury is possible. Always wear the baby high on your chest - the rule is that you should be able to kiss the top of your little one's head at all times. Never wear a baby facing out, and always make sure that the babies knees are higher than his or her bottom in a frog like position.

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