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Cute ideas that expecting parents will actually love and use, these fun presents are actually better than most you can buy. From a cute “bouquet” made of diapers to handmade burp cloths to some of the cutest DIY fashion ideas and clothes for baby you have ever seen. Adorable tiny little shoes you can make, too. Whether you are looking for. So I thought it would be fun today to share 40+ DIY Baby Shower Gift Ideas with you. All of these ideas are a fantastic way to give the Mom-to-Be something special that tells her how much you care. Almost all these gifts can be customized in some way to either match the theme of a nursery, or a favorite color, etc…so many possibilities. Like Making & Giving DIY Baby Gifts? It sure seems to be the season for baby showers around here. Many people go for the standard diapers and bath supplies when it comes to giving gifts for a new baby. Have a new baby in the house or know someone who does? Some of the cutest DIY projects ever are things you can make for baby boys and girls. Little tiny things that are so adorably cute, from blankets to crafts for babies room to creative outfits for the newborn. Handmade Baby Gifts . Choose a slide The Best Baby Shower Ideas The Best Baby Shower Themes . Tie everything together—the invitations, decor, and menu—with our planners. A Buzz-Worthy Bumblebee Baby Shower (And One Mom's Miraculous Story) Little baby Richie made a big buzz long before the baby shower. 25 DIY Baby Shower Gifts for the Little Boy on the Way Grace Lynne Fleming Now imagine that there’s a baby boy on his way into the world and the shower to celebrate is coming up in mere days. 60 Popular Baby Shower Homemade Presents. by Laurie Turk October 24, 2018 1.2M Views. Cute Diaper Gift Ideas. 8. DIY Diaper Cake Tutorial ~ A great tutorial on how to build your own diaper cake. Perfect for a centerpiece at a baby shower, this gift doubles as party decor. Embellish with baby toys and blankets. DIY 29 Easy And Adorable Things To Make For Babies. Don't let their age and inability to talk fool you babies are Very Discerning. These DIYs make awesome, unexpected baby shower gifts.

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