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This nursing pillow cover is a fun and quick sewing project for one of the most useful things I ever had around when my babies were born the nursing pillow. With so many new babies around the office this and last year, we have become a baby blanket making factory. I have found a quick and easy way to attach satin baby blanket binding. Welcome to my blog and to the newest addition to the Meandering Paw Prints pattern library!! Meandering Paw Prints Baby Blanket is a collaborative design between me (Amy B) and Donna (of Donna's Designs. First I cut a 10.5 x 12 piece of the fleece fabric. I created holes to crochet through with a skip stitch blade and a ruler as a guide. Holes should be made about a 1/2 inch from the edge. The way this product was advertised, my husband bought it thinking it was more of a picnic-blanket type thing that we could use on the beach. Well, in reality it's literally just a small tarp. What’s the Project? If a little one is on the way, these free baby sewing patterns are going to have you smiling while you sew! Adorable little baby items from pajamas to blankets, diaper carriers to toys and they all make great baby gifts. HOW TO SEW QUICKLY A CUTE LITTLE SOFT BABY TEDDY BEAR. By Maya on October 12, 2015. A small soft teddy bear is just a perfect gift for a baby. Having this in mind, I have prepared this free teddy bear pattern, that is super easy and fast to sew, just perfect for the little baby’s hands to hold and hug. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Sesame Street Cookie Monster Snuggie Fleece Blanket Throw at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Rae I just wanted to comment and say how thrilled I am that we are both having a baby boy within weeks of each other. Your sewing patterns and pinterest boards have been great inspiration for me. CUTE AND COLORFUL BABY BLANKET AND TOY ALL IN ONE. By Maya on May 4, 2016. Cute and colorful baby blanket and toy all in one is one of those creative ideas that are fun to make, even though you absolutely don’t have any need for them.

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