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This baby blanket is made in a color changing cake yarn but it will be beautiful in a solid color as well. Because the filet forms ribbons, it will make an excellent awareness project. Use a rainbow striping yarn for a Rainbow Baby. Here is a lovely blanket using filets (by my reckoning that's a filet as in a filet joint in a corner, rather than a fish filet, but you decide) of material filling a 90 degree angle between two others with strands rotated 45 degrees in pairs. It's an attractive pattern that makes a larger 4-field c. This filet crochet tablecloth pattern was designed as a lacy tablecloth perfect for displaying at Easter of Christmas. However, if you switched out from the small hook and thread to a large hook and bulky yarn, this same crochet pattern would work as a gorgeous blanket. Continuously working in the round to make a beautiful square or blanket. Lovely Filet Crochet Baby Blankets Filet is a very beautiful and delicate technique that can be used for baby blankets, as well as bigger works. It allows to create a soft and lacy pattern of your choice. You can make shapes like hearts or stars or simply a straight and regular perforation on it, depending on your style and skills. The Ribbon Cake Blanket by Erangi Udeshika is an easy filet crochet design. Choose a solid color of yarn, or multicolor yarn for this project. The finished blanket measures 28 inches by 28 inches and is crocheted in DK weight yarn with a 5 mm (H) hook. Free Filet Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns Filet Crochet Ba Blanket With Disney Tinker Bell Free Pattern 170. Free Filet Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns Free Ba Boy Afghan Patterns Afghan Bear Crochet Pattern. Free Filet Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns Free Filet Continue Reading. Get the Filet Elephant Blanket crochet pattern here! This blanket works up quickly and easily and includes a chart to aid you in the process. Baby blanket with dog 101 Dalmatians filet crochet parrern - free filet crochet Copertina filet uncinetto Winnie the Pooh e Hi-ho schema filet uncinetto Baby blanket Winnie the Pooh filet crochet pattern Mehr Pooh and Eeyore x-stitch 4 Crochet Tips to Remember. Filet is an old technique that is mostly associated with sheer curtains or tablecloths. The main basis of it are rows of double crochet that that create little windows. If you plan on these windows and solid spaces strategically, you can create patterns, or even graphic pictures.

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