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This stroller is suitable from birth if a car seat attachment is used. Best Jogging Stroller for Big Kids. Rather than a bigger kid being an excuse not to jog, some of the best strollers for big kids are in fact jogging strollers. The Lightest Stand-on Tandem in the World. Navigate crowds and tight spaces with a lightweight, compact ride. Your older child will love that they can choose to stand, sit or walk. This is a great little stroller. It's not perfect, but considering the price, I'm tempted to give it 5 stars. Please note I bought and paid full price for this stroller--no discounts for any reviews--so these are my observations from an over-researcher who has been shopping around for strollers for a while now and finally decided to pull pull the trigger on the Joovy Caboose Graphite. The new Caboose Ultralight Graphite is the most lightweight, compact and efficient double stroller. Designed for two children of different ages, it is preferred by parents for its practicality.

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